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tv   [untitled]    February 12, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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smaller superimposed imagine and the image is of the traditions and culture that meant so much to him. so a very personal series of paintings oil on canvas that kim making has made. now for the moment it's at the stamp dictation i'd like to welcome the poverty manager david stowe (clapping.) good morning and thank you allen for that kind introduction. it's a great pleasure to be here to celebrate the latest - excuse me. i couldn't see that. it's a great pleasure to be here to celebrate the new lunar stamp
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and i'm pleased to be sharing the stage with mayor ed lee. hose been a tremendous support in san francisco. as allen mentioned a fumdz mayor ed lee has helped with the stamps including let's year of the dragon a few years ago. not just here in the united states is this important but indeed the start of the lunar new year is the biggest start of the for many people. it's a great reflecttion including our old chinese-american community here in san francisco. it's the customs and the 12 creatures the zodiac but it's a
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time to reinforce our values and to renew our lives the spirit of ancestors and the living come together and give blessing and prepare for good things to come. at the same time it's a time to clean the house from top to to bottom and resolve to what may come this year. it's time for parties and a festivals and a lot of fun. soon the streets of san francisco will be facilitated with dragons and people. lunar year is important for the united states postal service we provide the service everyday and
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recognize the red lights of the diversity. in keeping with this tradition we introduced this lunar system in 18998 we celebrate the year of the rabbit and dragon and snake all during the respective years during the chinese calendar. today, we pay tribute to the horse on january 31st, 2014. people during the lunar year they have the traits and this is good buses. horses are popper and cleaver and refuse to be recognized to failure they can be stubborn and hot termed. the key for horses is to find
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the balance to exercise control. with this new stamp we wish good future for everybody and hope it will bring the best out in all of us. in keeping with that hope this year's stamp is like the altercation of the drums. additional the drums are dictated for prosperity and working with the art directors two element were incorporated clarence paper cut design and the which they think so character was drawn. the inindicating cut flow of the lines symbolizes force. once you see them you'll agree those colorful stamps are
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fantastic. please be sure to join us on february 15th and 16 where the postings will have the stamps for purchase. now without further ado i'd like to ask mayor ed lee and others to celebrate this year of the horticulture's and i want to share best wishes to the coming year to everyone >> (speaking foreign language.) >> happy new year everyone. thank you (clapping.) (drums rolling) (clapping) everybody come closer.
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okay. all right. everybody look here. (clapping.) >> all right. that is beautiful.
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and in closing withhold to introduce a final speaker we want to thank the speaker that support the annual lunar stamp event and we also let's move to a house keeping note approximately 15 minutes over after the ceremony the gentleman will be available for signing the stamp and you can purchase the stamp outside the demeanor. we want to introduce the past president of the which they think so american organization >> as i look around the room a lot of you live in san francisco and unvalidated the first statesman of the first or first
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series in 1993 the post office at that time, it was historical and it was history to us to be able to advocate for the release of come tat it's stamp. we're happy in san francisco for the entire country to owner this statesman and we're happy to have the people of the state of california here year after year for the ceremony. so this year 2014 is very special for us today sermdz concerned. i know every year the city celebrates t celebrates t celebrates the chinese-american most but this is the 10th time
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with the naumd and now mayor ed lee we intend to celebrate this in may in a grand session and there's no better way to launch this what the first issuance of the statesman. i look forward to next year and many more years to come and i hope we'll have an asia series. thank you all the friends who helped us to participate so i want to thank the asia officers association for having - to help us. thank you. (clapping.) sherry map tang from the cultural center and so many things he's done and supervisor
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yee as just joined us and cindy thank you. so all the people and a lot of folks have helped carmen yoou and so welcome the year of the horse let's go out and purchase a lot of stamped a happy new year >> lowest thank you all for being here for the dedication of the year of the horticulture's forever stamp. have a great day. (drums rolling)iculture's forever stamp. have a great day. (drums rolling)lture's forever stamp. have a great day. (drums rolline's forever stamp. have a great day. (drums rolling)'s forever stamp. have a great day. (drums rolling)s forever stamp. have a great day. (drums rolling)forever stamp. have a great day. (drums rolling)eforever stamp. have a great day. (drums rollin forever stamp. have a great day.
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(drums rolling)
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>> bonnie banks. bonnie banks. my definition of noise is uncontrolled music. without format. pretty simple affair. pancakes, and you're -- people get up on sundays around noon, weekends or whatever. should not be too hard to walk into place. have your audio alarm clock go off for two hours waking your up while you are eating breakfast with many interesting visuals once in a while. improvisation. listening or not to the person you're playing up against or people or machines.
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trying to get as many different people in as possible. different genres, experimental noise, electronics, dissonance some drums.a tiny bit of ambient -- the first noise pancake shows, 1999, the first waffle noise, 2001. god-waffle noise, noise pancake came out of cubist art, place on mission street, brutallo, where the church -- opened up
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his house and saturday morning cartoons. a big space. you can have everybody set up and barely move equipment around; small room for an audience to move around, walkover and get pancakes without getting burned up in the kitchen. there's like people in their hard-core gabber; people into really fast death metal; black metal. people who don't listen to music at all. guy like larnie bock (sounds like) set up huge, motor driven harp.
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i don't know how to explain it. 40 foot of motors that he had running over strings and wires. and then played each string individually with the mixer. there is a feeling of euphoria when somebody's really good at what they do. experiencing a buffer, pushing your bowels out your rear. different. a lot of noise. you don't play clubs with a cleaning schedule, a guy coming in the morning emptying the beer bottles. you play the warehouse. if you travel around you will see the exact same kind of weirdos doing their own thing. it is like in the bay area
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it's even more absurd. there seems to be more people that in a place like new york or tokyo. we did a show in new york, i didn't think that anyone was at hardly, and people come up and said i saw the show. i wish they had some kind of breakfast noise going on over there. i think a lot of people were being, walking out of the shows. that was incredible. i can't believe it's over already, after two hours. if you are reluctant to enjoy something like this it will probably take a mass of peers to sell you on it. it's fine if you stay away.
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most of the people that come to the shows are pretty happy to be here. you may not be one of them. which is fine. >> 7 and a half million renovation is part of the clean and safe neighbor's park fund which was on the ballot four years ago and look at how that public investment has transformed our neighborhood. >> the playground is unique in that it serves a number of age groups, unlike many of the other properties, it serves small children with the children's play grounds and
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clubhouses that has basketball courts, it has an outdoor soccer field and so there were a lot of people that came to the table that had their wish list and we did our best to make sure that we kind of divided up spaces and made sure that we kept the old features of the playground but we were able to enhance all of those features. >> the playground and the soccer field and the tennis fields and it is such a key part of this neighborhood. >> we want kids to be here. we want families to be here and we want people to have athletic
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opportunities. >> we are given a real responsibility to insure that the public's money is used appropriately and that something really special comes of these projects. we generally have about an opportunity every 50 years to redo these spaces. and it is really, really rewarding to see children and families benefit, you know, from the change of culture, at each one of these properties >> and as a result of, what you see behind us, more kids are playing on our soccer fields than ever before. we have more girls playing sports than we have ever had before. [ applause ] fp >> and we are sending a strong message that san francisco families are welcome and we want you to stay.
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>> this park is open. >> this park is open. ♪ [train whistle blowing] global warming. [whistle blows] some say irreversible consequences are 30 years away. 30 years? that won't affect me. [brakes screech]
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>> welcome to the san francisco historic preservation commission regular meeting. for wednesday, february 5, 2014. please be aware that the commission did not trotter any disruptions and when speaking before the commission if you care to do state your name for the record. i'd like to take roll president hasz.
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commissioner wolfram. commissioner hyland. commissioner johnck pr commissioner matsuda and commissioner pearlman. commissioners first on your calendar t is general public comment. at this point the public may address the public with respect to jound agenda items your opportunity when be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to 3 minutes. i have one speaker card >> richard rothman, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm richard rothman i'm back here again talking about the building at the zoo. they opened the children's playground there so the building is now assessable and hopeful
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that that will be opened up and the next thing the recreation and parks department put in a grant for the historic preservation commission for the rec and park and the zoo society to do a study to see how much it would cost could renovate the building and i would hope this commission would ask the staff to send a letter of support to the historic preservation commission fund committee in support of this application. and i still building this building down the road is not a city landmark and should be a city landmark. if people want to know more about the building i have a facebook page it's called save
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the mother's building >> thank you. any accountability members of the public wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioners that places you under departments matter. >> good afternoon, commissioners just a couple of announcements that are on your report. one is that we a couple of weeks ago we had a public meeting to release the that draft for the upper tree canopy on the cities right-of-way e right-of-way. this is for the rec and park department and the urban forest council the first phase has been released and the population there is a second phase we'll be intifrpt the remainder of the
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street trees over the next 20 years we want to increase the percentage of trees. so we need to we feel it's important to have a goal of planning on i don't remember the next number but tens of thousands of trees. second an rfp has been issued for a major piece of work that has a lengthy title the boulevard study be feasibility project to look at multi uses of the land development around the cal train yards for cost effective needs for the transcribe that connects it to the transbay looking at alternative uses for the you rail yard and locations.
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and looking at that component at the i 2 to see if f interest were benefits for the transportation and land use component. there are a number of studies we're building on including the tunnel alignment but in terms of transportation component to look at it as well as the land use component. it's a major piece of work we received a dwrant from the metropolitan grant society to do the study. we need to take a fresh look at the area and that is the city's future growth in the city. so we think it's tily to do the study but your study went out on friday i believe and we are going we'll be looking at consultants proposals and i'll be happy to answer questions
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that concludes my presentation >> commissioner johnck. >> i have a question about the study because i wanted to be sure that the port of san francisco is involved when with we discussed rail in san francisco it's not just for people but cargo too. the port i'm sure you're aware of just got a grant to improve the streets. so i wanted to clarify that and he hope that the port is included in this discussion >> absolutely they're one of the partners at the table. as we receive proposals we'll be getting a technical team that will address some of the ports concerns as well >> great, thank you. >> thank you, thank you commissioner if there's nothing further we'll move on to the staff report and announcements.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners tim fry from the department stave a couple of items. i'm sure you're aware of making sure cuss books was approved and the designation ordinance will be in effective thirty days after the approval i want to thank supervisor breed for sponsoring that designation. also soorl the h pc gave a positive recommendation for the st. marys directory and this reclarification will be florescent have been land use committee and staff will be there presenting on behalf of the historic preservation commission. and finally, in regards to the planning commission no items to
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report from the previous two hearings to he continued their january 16th election of officers and will take up the meeting tomorrow but they may continue this one more time. i'll keep i updated on the results of that election and finally, excuse me. comment in response to mr. roth man's any public comment? the department ask working with the arts commission the rec and park folks to make sure this commission and the planning department are involved in that study so the planning compassionately commissioners, on that motion commission have not weighed in but we'll keep you posted posted on our level of concerns if you have any
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questions, i'll be happy to answer them >> i have 3 4r5shgd designation reports. >> tim fry the memo regarded your landmark designation was included in your packet. a couple of items i want to bring to your attention this is a quarterly report it is for activities ending december 31st. so the swedish american hall we got a letter of support under their society so we've begun the research and basically in negotiation on what parts sure in the ordinance and executed also we're in conversations that the o


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